Fundraising Help

Most of us don’t fundraise regularly and can use a little help getting the process going. These documents give you a fundraising strategy and instructions on using the tools provided and the Tour du Rouge requirements. They are listed in the order you will use them. So if you are new to fundraising start with the Fundraising Guideline.

      Personal Fundraising Guide (335 KB): This is an overview of the fundraising process. This includes info on Developing Your Story, Being Creative, Spreading the Word via the Computer, and Links to other Fundraising Resources
      ActiveGiving Guide (630 KB): Tour du Rouge provides you with access to website’s fundraising tools.You’ll find information on setting up your fundraising web page (Getting Started and Customizing My Webpage), soliciting funds (Sending Emails and Email is Key), tracking progress (Viewing Reports), Tracking Offline Donations, and some Tips For Success.
      ActiveGiving FAQs (120 KB): Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions about using the ActiveGiving website.Covers Customizing My Webpage, Sending Email, Viewing Reports, and if you Forget Your Password.
      Collecting Donations (120 KB): Details on how your donations should be collected and processed to The Arc. Covers On-line Donations (from ActiveGiving), Off-line Donations (credit card, check, cash),and issuing receipts to donors.
      Tour du Rouge Pledge Form 2010 (135 KB): Form for Reporting Offline Donations to The Arc.Use this form when turning in donations of Cash, Check or Credit Card made directly to you. Be sure to include the donation along with the form.
      Receipts (55 KB):Recipt Form. Should a donor request a receipt at the time he/she makes an offline donation, use this form that you can fill out and hand to the donor.